Pre-RAMP Self-Assessment

Our leadership self-assessment booklet is a hands-on tools for guiding leadership development. Based on the UW-Madison Leadership Framework values and competencies, each assessment features 63 examples of leadership outcomes. ~ Leadership@UW

RAMP & Leadership @ UW

Leadership@UW Self-Assessment Book
Leadership@UW Self-Assessment Book

The RAMP planning group has adopted the Leadership @ UW self-assessment workbook as a tool that will assist participants to learn more about themselves and each other.

Before the first 2018 RAMP session meeting, we ask each mentor-mentee pair to complete the self-assessment individually and then meet to discuss and process the results. RAMP participants will further explore, discuss, and process the results at the second RAMP session meeting on April 24.

Click here, or on the image to access the pdf version of this self-assessment book.

More About Leadership @ UW

Leadership @ UW is a grass roots, institutionally sponsored movement, guided by the spirit of our unique and historic Wisconsin Idea. The purpose of Leadership @ UW is to:

  • Illuminate and connect leadership courses, programs, and opportunities.
  • Facilitate a shared vision and common language for leadership.
  • Identify and promote practices, approaches, and behavior that cultivate positive change.

The movement has attracted the energy and support of hundreds of advocates and volunteers dedicated to the belief that moving leadership from concept to practice positively impacts us all.

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