Our Team

Divisional Leadership Team

Derek Kindle

Position title: Vice Provost for Enrollment Management

Email: derek.kindle@wisc.edu

Terry Ruzicka

Position title: Deputy Vice Provost and Chief of Staff

Email: terry.ruzicka@wisc.edu

Scott Owczarek

Position title: Registrar

Email: scott.owczarek@wisc.edu

André E. Phillips

Position title: Director of Admissions and Recruitment

Email: andre.phillips@wisc.edu

Helen Faith

Position title: Director of Student Financial Aid

Email: helen.faith@wisc.edu

Shannon Ghere

Position title: Director of Development for Scholarships and Student Support

Email: shannon.ghere@supportuw.org

Nicholas Hillman

Position title: Director of SSTAR Lab

Email: nwhillman@wisc.edu

Jeremy Traska

Position title: Director for Administration and Chief Financial Officer

Email: jeremy.traska@wisc.edu

Divisional Support Team

Ann Bradshaw

Position title: Division HR Manager

Email: ann.bradshaw@wisc.edu

Paula Gates

Position title: HR Specialist

Email: paula.gates@wisc.edu

Natalie Klein

Position title: Executive Assistant to the Vice Provost

Email: natalie.klein@wisc.edu

Kelly Layton

Position title: Divisional Financial Specialist

Email: kelly.layton@wisc.edu

Margaret Maly

Position title: Executive Assistant to the Vice Provost

Email: margaret.maly@wisc.edu

Todd Reck

Position title: Divisional Manager for Student Experience

Email: todd.reck@wisc.edu