DEM Strategic Framework

The Division of Enrollment Management (DEM) believes in our ability to contribute towards an ecosystem of innovation. Through this relentless desire for bold ideas, DEM leads a comprehensive strategic enrollment approach to attract, enroll, support, and graduate the most talented students. We foster equitable and seamless experiences, value research in practice, engage in responsible stewardship, provide inclusive support, collaborate, and increase access to higher education to accomplish our goals. With students firmly at the center of our actions, decisions, processes, and services, our work helps to deliver the impact of UW-Madison as a world-class institution that enriches communities across the globe.

Our Vision & Mission


Our Aspirations

Contributing to the Ecosystem of Innovation


Our Organizational Purpose

To attract, enroll, support, and graduate the most talented students

An Ecosystem of Innovation

Through UW-Madison’s world-class education, we believe in the innovation our talented badgers will contribute to their local, regional, national, and global communities.

Our Forward Focus

With students firmly at the center of all we do, the Forward Focus outlines key strategic priorities and commitments that are expected to drive each of our teams to ensure we’re able to fulfill our mission and vision. Each DEM Team Member is accountable to ensure the Forward Focus consistently informs the execution of our day-to-day work. 

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Foster an Equitable & Seamless Experience for Students & Families

DEM is committed to leveraging an empathetic approach to establish meaningful relationships while prioritizing innovative technology that streamlines student-centered processes.

Value & Support Research-Practice Partnerships

DEM is committed to maintaining a curiosity that leverages a combination of research and practice to create impactful solutions for students.

Engage in Responsible Stewardship of Resources

DEM is committed to identifying, optimizing, leveraging and protecting resources that directly support students’ ability to flourish.

Provide Inclusive Support Throughout the Student Lifecycle

DEM is committed to inclusive excellence to ensure all experiences, processes, and interactions are student-centered.

Collaborate with the Teaching & Learning Community

DEM is committed as thought-partners who prioritize dynamic collaboration with a desire to build strategic partnerships that serve students.

Increase Access to Higher Education

DEM is committed to attracting, advocating for, and serving students from a wide diversity of identities, experiences, interests, and beliefs with an emphasis on those groups underserved by and underrepresented in higher education.

Our Strategic Pillars

DEM’s Strategic Pillars identify key priorities that inform our overall approach to establishing a strong and dynamic organizational culture. Each DEM Team Member is tasked with considering how the approaches of each pillar can be incorporated into daily activities. 

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Promoting a Culture of Excellence, Innovation, and Continuous Assessment

Advance the field, advocate for best practice standards, and utilize multi-faceted approaches to support student success.

Building, Valuing, and Retaining a Diverse Workforce through Support, Trust, Well-being, and Inclusion

Invests in the success of all team members growth and achievement with expectation for shared understanding, curiosity, and appreciation for the recruitment and retention of team members with a wide diversity of identities, experiences, interests, and beliefs.

Expanding Our Presence and Expertise Across the State, Region, Nation, and Globe

Serve, participate, present, publish, train, and consult with professional associations and colleagues across state, regional, national, and global spaces.

Fostering Strong Relationships with Campus and Community Partners

Leverage understanding, adaptability, empathy, and humility to build meaningful relationships that create positive impact for those we serve.

Developing Emerging Strategic Leaders and Thought Partners

Involved in cross-campus working groups and partnerships, has an awareness of enrollment trends and best practices, shares of enrollment innovations, and creates space to prioritize intentionality in our work.

Our Team's Priorities

DEM is comprised of teams across the Office of Admissions & Recruitment, Office of Student Financial Aid, Student Success Through Applied Research (SSTAR) Lab, and the Office of the Registrar. While the Division’s strategic pillars, forward focus, mission, and vision are intended to drive our overall approach and priorities, each Office within DEM also maintains more specific strategic frameworks that allow us to collectively achieve the impact we desire. 

Office of Admissions & Recruitment

Be innovative leaders who center educational access and support for scholars of the wide diversity of identities, experiences, interests and beliefs who will embody the Wisconsin Idea.

Office of Admissions & Recruitment


Conduct original research and evaluation on issues related to college opportunity and student success. 


Office of Student Financial Aid

Support students using financial and other resources in accessing and navigating higher education. 

Office of Student Financial Aid

Office of the Registrar

Maintain the integrity of all core functions, develop staff, be collaborative, continuously support the teaching & learning mission and student success, as well as become a national model known for creativity and innovation. 

Office of the Registrar